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The only way to grow and reach your dreams and targets is to stick together. Our family is bigger now. Two gorgeous female vocalists Klara and Erika joined our band as well as a new talented drummer Michal Skácel, a.k.a. Skalpel. A key addition to the family is sound engineer Mirkoal who brings a lot of energy and ideas into the group and his personality completes the circle. That’s the team we are talking about – the music family. We do our best in the rehearsal room week after week. There are lots of things to organize and ideas that need fulfilling in our band, but first of all we have to have fun. We never complain. We know what it means to have a band. The power is in friendship. Our KING SHAOLIN - DMH Tour just ended in our hometown and now we would like to say thank you to all the people and companies involved, but the biggest hug goes to all the fans and people who came to support our gigs. And thanks to all the bands who played with us. Now we are working hard on making our new EP the best yet. There is more to come, stay tuned.

Video by: Peter Zalovič