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Photo by: Dali Babala Hi there, folks, It’s been a while since we released our last album and now we’re ready to release a new one, but we need your support. If you know us, if you had seen us live, or just love our music, please take a minute and check out this support campaign page: We have a great selection of merchandise as well as tickets for our release party, etc., or you can just say hi. Whether this or that we appreciate your help. We love the connection we feel between us and the audience during our gigs, and we appreciate that connection with this effort to produce our next CD. It’s a challenge, but we have great faith in our music, our community, and our dream. Join us, stay with us, we will always be here for you. Thanks a lot and keep rockin’! Domi, Moostie, Niruas, Skalpa.

Photo by: Dali Babala