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The wanting in rock and roll is the same passion for truth and love that exists in the heart of every child, every priest, every heart that beats. We want to tear down every wall that separates us from the wonder of being who we are. No bullshit, no dogma, no do it this way or that way. Do it from the head and heart and loins of your very soul. That is the rock and roll way. That is the essence of King Shaolin. Tell the truth of what you want. Be wholly alive to the rhythms of life, of pleasure, of being in the embrace of a beauty that will kill you, but be alive, alive and never stop pushing at that rock and roll mountain. New-Age Popsters KING SHAOLIN announce the release of their highly anticipated debut album Road To The Machiavelli Valley out December 15, 2012. Mixed in Los Angeles the album features 12 original tracks written by Dominik Stofko. King Shaolin offer a fresh take on the term soul-pop. Punchy and clear with well timed breaks and beats, King Shaolin's sound is a crisp, clean, soul-pop potpourri telling tales of life, love, and rowdy pleasure. Lead singer Dominik pounds out each word he sings with a passionate urgency, the lively lyrics spilling from his soul with hard won experience and burning with truth. Since March 2013 the band has played more than 420 concerts and several TV shows in 4 European countries. In 2014 King Shaolin was nominated in Radio Head Awards as the artist of the year and the band of the year and in ZAI music awards as the new talent. King Shaolin's singles got into the daily rotation of Slovak and Czech TV stations such as MTV CZ, OCKO TV and MUSIQ 1 TV. The latest single FRIEND has made it to the daily rotation of Fun Radio, Radio Expres other Slovak radio stations. In June 2015 KING SHAOLIN won second prize at the CARPATHIA FESTIVAL - International song contest in Rzeszow (Poland). Dominik Štofko also received a prize for best song composition. March 2016 the band released single "Money In My Soul", featured daily on Europa 2 radio. In March 2017, the band released their second studio album PLAY AGAINST THE RULES. They also announced a four-week tour to support the record, which was to begin on March 03, 2017.


New-age popová kapela vznikla v lete roku 2012. Kapelu tvoria spevák, gitarista a skladateľ v jednej osobe Dominik Štofko, Norbert Neuschl (basgitara, sprievodné vokály), Michal Skacel (bicie nástroje) a Michal "Mustafa" Neffe (gitara, sprievodné vokály). Prvý singel „My road“ sa dostal do hranosti hudobnej televízie ÓČKO TV. Single kapely sa dostali do hranosti slovenských rádií, ako Europa 2, Fun Rádio, Rádio Expres, Rádio Slovensko a mnohých ďalších. V roku 2013 kapela odohrala za 9 mesiacov dve klubové turné, letné festivaly a získala angažmán v Miláne. V roku 2014 kapelu KING SHAOLIN nominovali v kategóriách: interpret roka a koncertná kapela roka v Radiohead Awards a na objav roka v rámci hudobných cien ZAI. Skladby kapely sa dostali tiež do českej MTV, ÓČKO TV, MUSIQ 1TV. V roku 2015 KING SHAOLIN získali druhé miesto na medzinárodnom festivale piesne v poľskom Rzeszowe a tiež ocenenie za najlepšiu kompozíciu za skladbu „Friend“ bolo odovzdané autorovi Dominikovi Štofkovi. V roku 2016 kapely vydala EP s názvom „Burn Inside“, z ktorého boli úspešne zaradené do rádiových rotácii skladby „Money In My Soul“ a „Waiting“. Singel „Money Iny My Soul“ sa držal 9 týždňov v prvej stovke najhranejších skladieb na Slovensku. V roku 2017 kapela vydala dlho očakávaný druhý album „Play Against The Rules“. K tomuto albumu absolvovala klubové turné po slovensku s názvom MARESI TOUR 2017.

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